Sunday, May 28, 2017

I want my heart to be broken by you

I want my heart to be broken by you
After I fall madly in love
To the point where I don't remember
What a world without you
As the centre of it, is anymore

I want you to leave
Completely without reason
After we've created sunshine
And rain and rainbows
Among the barren meadows
Of the vast wastelands
Our hearts had become
Before we met each other

I want you gone
When the sun is at it's peak
When the rain pours down the hardest
When you and I are the happiest
And I want my heart
To explode into multiple tiny pieces
And my entire soul to be deformed
Due to collateral damages

Maybe my heart is
Already exploding for you

Maybe all I'm trying to say is that
I really want you
Even if you were to
Leave my heart in
Powdery shatters

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