Thursday, March 9, 2017


When I die,
Leave my tombstone blank.

Do not write my given name on it
Avoid my birth year altogether and ignore the year of my death

Do not mentally note whatever name you recognize me with whenever you visit it, if you visit at all
Do not paint a picture for any random passer by to recognize the dead soul inside that grave with

Let that tombstone celebrate the carbon waste of an arbitrary human life lived and done
Do not give personality to decaying chemical matter

Do not mourn the life I lived
Do not mourn the life I didn't live

Afterall, what is in a name?
Afterall, what is in an ever changing chunk of carbon?

A life well lived would last forever on its own
Why is there a need to create random memorabilia?

When I die,
Do not even have a tombstone

Do not let my remains remain. Let them go.

If anything, if you really want to keep something, make a little grave in some empty dark corner in your heart and put my name on it.

And if you really really want, take that grave to yours.

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