Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sax Solo

She's like a saxophone solo
She's like a saxophone solo by Alanna Sterling at Live on Elgin
We are on our way out at 1AM to catch our last bus when this hypnotic-magentic sax solo clamps our ears and drags us back inside
She's like that saxophone solo

She's like the sunset
She's like the sunset at Nepean Point
She's like the sunset behind the Gatineau Hills which paints the sky with Monet-esque golden hues which I see, observe, experience, live, one quiet Autumn evening sitting under the Champlain Statue

She's like an afternoon breeze
She's like a cool afternoon breeze on a warm summer day
She's like the refreshing, invigorating, gentle river wind while taking one of those regular strolls on the Prince of Wales Bridge

She's like a thunderstorm
She's like a thunderstorm in early February
A thunderstorm which rumbles over the Britannia Beach as we watch over from a nearby skyscraper
A thunderstorm sandwiched between two 15cm snow storms

She's like the spring
She's like the best parts of the spring
She's like the birds chirping to the melodies of the wind or the naked trees budding light green for a new beginning or the smell; the smell of life after a season of frosted death or the freshness and the warmth of the spring
She's like the tulip festival

when I really think about it,
She's a bit like this city
A little boring, a little small, a little conservative, a little closed up, and a little repetitive (kinda like this poem actually)
But if you look a little closely, you'd see that she is full of life. 
She is full of music and poetry and art
She is the centre of culture and she is the oil paint in an oil painting

And I guess, just like this city
I kinda like her
She's like magic
or a saxophone solo

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