Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dissect Me

Dissect me
Like a frog in biology class
Find my softest and most vulnerable spots and master my insides.
Locate where my lungs are, where my brain might be and most importantly, find where my heart is
Everything you will observe there is devoted to you

Embrace me
Embrace me like your best friend’s cat you have to take care of
during the first week when she is gone to Cuba
That millisecond of care would be a lifelong moment of warmth to me. This winter is cold.

Crack me open
Crack me open like an unborn chicken at a breakfast restaurant bought from some local farm.
I hide behind this thick shell and you are the only one I would open myself up for. But I do not have the courage to do so myself.

Clip my wings
Like a Brazilian scarlet macaw
and cage me in a tight space somewhere inside your heart
I would give up all my civil liberties just to roam around the depths of your soul and observe the hidden galaxies and nebulae and supernovae in there.

Slaughter me
Like your companion camel while lost in a desert
I am no masochist but I would sacrifice myself for your comfort and happiness at any given time.
What is the point of my existence if it is not to serve you.

Unsex me here
Like the raven himself who is hoarse
Except don’t. Just don’t do that

And just kill me if you have to
Like a mosquito on your skin, or a lobster at a hotel tank, or a fish stuck on a fishnet, or a moose in a hunting range, or an elephant at a reserve, or a hamster at a lab, or a whale in the sea
I would gladly, gladly die at your hands if that is what you desire

But at least let those animals live.


              You know.

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