Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A letter to my former, present, or future self/dude!

See you are here
Where else would you rather be?
I know you've been there done that maybe a dozen million times
I know you hate this perpetual boredom
I know you hate routine
I know you hate repitition
I know you hate repitition
I know you hate repitition

But what is so bad with waking up?
Why do you want to not breathe so badly?
What is wrong with seeing a Clementine dawn after a carbon monoxide laced night covered by tangerine clouds?
Why don't you just look outside at these multiple concrete dildos standing tirelessly as far as the horizon?
Why don't you look at the graduate factory to the south to which you belong but you do not belong belong?
Why don't you just try to enjoy the petroleum excrements that you breathe in every breath?

See you are here
I know you didn't ask to be here
I know you never wanted to be here
But dude, you FUCKING are here
And why not make the best out of it?

Between the big bang
And supersonic land travel
There must have been billions of butterflies who flapped their wings to get you to where you are today
To get this useless "perfect" little planet to where it is today

So why don't you or I or you or whomever it may apply to just fucking breathe the air you can breathe until you can breathe it and for a second, a millisecond, a microsecond, a nanosecond be grateful

You privileged little shit,
You made it,
And billions did not.

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