Sunday, January 29, 2017

Immunity in a Post-Larvae World

I adore the gracious rays of sun at dawn
Blinding us,
Refracting through the great silican edge of the atmosphere
Extinguishing the non-existent false obscurity
Illuminating our ecological green little fantasies

We wade through the sweet unblemished air
Amidst the uncongested lanes of the floral naturale,
Heightening the amity of the pacifist animalia
Dozed off in the caffeinated bliss of security

The horizon although vividly hazy
Circumscribes the delicately blossoming dreams
For beyond that, none exists that pleases the eye

It is the land of the predator and prey
Where the natural law is above all aesthetic allure
No wonder the divine placed this grand aerial armour
To safeguard her preeminent children from toxic Earthly anguish

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