Sunday, December 18, 2016

Memories - 1

She asked me to dance with her. 

We were in front of the giant mirror in the atrium. It must have been around 3AM. I had an exam in a few hours. I was panicking. My depression had hit a new peak at that point. I couldn't study. My mind was going everywhere. My head was full of chaos.

She calmly asked me to dance. 

There was an immense amount of tranquility in her eyes. She pulled her phone out and played a song and started dancing. She and I were the only people anywhere close by. Her music killed the loud shrieks of unbearable silence that surrounded us. 

And then we talked. We must have talked for hours. At least it felt like it. She told me that she dances whenever she isn't feeling well. That was her outlet. 

I guess this is mine. I wish I knew that at that point. Literally a year ago. 

But maybe not. If I didn't panic, she and I would not have had that moment. 

That was all we ever had. 

PS: That was the only exam I passed that semester. That was the only 'long' conversation I had with her. 

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