Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This is Definitely Not About The Environment or Animals

This is not a poem about the dead and dying children of Syria;
this is about our Friday night party culture alone

This is not about the ever increasing list of black people shot dead by the police in the States;
this is just about the alcohol induced fun and joy we have on the weekend

This is not about the underpaid third world workers who provide us with almost everything;
this is about all that ‘everything’ that they provide us with

This is not about our fellow humans being treated like trash for their skin colour, sex, accents, disabilities, religion or any differences;
this is about having to wait in line to get into malls on boxing day to get the best deals

This is not about child marriages, wars, epidemics, human cruelty, or destruction plaguing our world;
this is about the lack of clubs we could go to on a Saturday night because this is a boring city

This is not a poem about this dehumanized carbon waste of a generation.
This is about us.

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