Monday, October 17, 2016


Bohemian wine
and transcendental betrayals
metaphysical sex
and spiritual orgasms

lucid conversations
and therapeutic analysis
psychedelic sleep
and material awakening

vivid sorrow
and blurry satisfaction
blurry pain
and vivid masochism

lost opportunities
and ungrasped chances
pelvic thrusts
and torrid humps

acidic tea
and pharmaceutical cigars
paralytic daydreams
and parasitic nightmares

corroding generations
and decomposed enlightenment
open showers
and naked jam sessions

weeping guitars
and beating hearts
breathing records
and sarcastic dead artists

dried up canals
and dead fish
bleeding robots
and ancient small talk

movie dates at old theatres
and French kisses on couches
sex on coarse carpets
and 'love' on cloudy skies

rainbow coloured balls
and flowering vines on the ceiling
blood shot eyes
and dancing sea turtles

roofs on fire
and people floating on lakes
inside out coffins
and teenage necrophytes

polluted orange skies
and lonely lonely stars
fading moonlight
and unwanted freedom

useless degrees
and nude graduation gowns
unkempt pubes
and soggy eye sockets

incomplete meals
and solemn hunger strikes
enemies from within
and liberators from outside

cardiovascular graveyards
and alveolus bunkers
toxic blood vessels
and pernicious neurons

unstructured poems
and desultory thoughts
out of beat songs
and very very erratic lives…

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