Friday, October 21, 2016

She II

She was a big city girl
in a small world,
a world where everyone
knew everyone else

and for her,
the whole universe
revolved around her
and she lived among the
dying stars and
the nebulae being born

around her
were vivid colours
random luminous matter
unlike anything seen
on Earth,
paused in space-time

she was lucy;
she had kaleidoscope eyes
and she was the girl
with the sun in her eyes

all the trains stopped for her
all the taxis were her personal transport
and she fed on ambiance
three meals a day

she loved crowds
and she commanded the energy
of the masses
ferrying to and from
the opulent gardens of the abyss

But this world was too small for her
there was barely any breathing room

because there was nothing left unsaid
everyone knew everything
and there were no waves on the lake
and the lake itself was too small;
you could see the other shore

and she finally exploded;
it was the most beautiful explosion
the world had ever seen
there were huge flames
that spread across acres and acres
of land turned barren
and those flames were of colours
the world had never imagined before

there was a magic mushroom cloud
seen from galaxies away,
making people who were not yet born
making them hallucinate
her beautiful misty eyes.

That small world was left with white noise.

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