Monday, October 31, 2016


It makes me very sad
that the you
who I used to adore
is not worth a single tear
that I fail to shed right now

Oh my dear sweet mistake

Oh my dear sweet mistake,
please erupt
like the massive volcano
you are

The masochist in me
is enjoying the pain
from all these burns

Molten chocolate
flowing in all directions;
engulf me in the
boiling air bubbles
and let me float away
into territories

The air is cold
almost as if it is winter
here, all year..
this warmth is a blessing
to my internals
and I care not
about my dirty
already dead skin

So please erupt
and let me immerse
in the deliquescing

Hey Babe

Hey babe,
how is your new lover?

does he put the smile
I so incessantly failed
to put on your face, there?

does he give you chills
when he kisses you
like the ones you used to give me
once upon a time
whenever you kissed me?

does he take you
to musical shows,
to see buskers,
to his favourite places in the city,
and on walks
holding your hand
like I once did and
slowly failed to do so
with decaying time?

does he love you
whole heartedly
like how you said
I never did?

and do you love him
like how you loved me
once upon a time?

Hey babe,
how are you?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Maybe there is some universe

Maybe there is some universe
where we are still together

A universe
you are still happy
and I can still
kiss you

Where I haven't
stabbed you through your heart
and you haven't
drowned me to death
in your tears

There has to be a universe
all this is not even a

Monday, October 24, 2016


How do you call it a day
when your rusty
heartbroken fingertips
that still smell of steel
are crying, weeping
wanting to spend more time
on the frets board

it has to be
the greatest love story of all time

getting rougher and rougher
the more those corroding strings
cut into the flesh
to create tunes unheard before

but it is 2AM
and my sleepy neighbours
knock on the wall
and I separate two
hopeless lovers
for the sake of the
outside world

it has to be
the greatest tragedy of all time


I want you
to dissipate into thin air
and along with it take
the memories we used to share

I want all the
songs you sang to me
to evaporate under
the scorching sun

I want this book
you once bought me
on which I write this poem
to ignite and turn into ashes
and disperse into the atmosphere

All the photos we took,
all the places we visited
all the books we read
all the poems we wrote
all the sex we had
all the people we met
I want all of that to stop existing

I want myself to get lost
in the static noise of
an endless void

Friday, October 21, 2016

She II

She was a big city girl
in a small world,
a world where everyone
knew everyone else

and for her,
the whole universe
revolved around her
and she lived among the
dying stars and
the nebulae being born

around her
were vivid colours
random luminous matter
unlike anything seen
on Earth,
paused in space-time

she was lucy;
she had kaleidoscope eyes
and she was the girl
with the sun in her eyes

all the trains stopped for her
all the taxis were her personal transport
and she fed on ambiance
three meals a day

she loved crowds
and she commanded the energy
of the masses
ferrying to and from
the opulent gardens of the abyss

But this world was too small for her
there was barely any breathing room

because there was nothing left unsaid
everyone knew everything
and there were no waves on the lake
and the lake itself was too small;
you could see the other shore

and she finally exploded;
it was the most beautiful explosion
the world had ever seen
there were huge flames
that spread across acres and acres
of land turned barren
and those flames were of colours
the world had never imagined before

there was a magic mushroom cloud
seen from galaxies away,
making people who were not yet born
making them hallucinate
her beautiful misty eyes.

That small world was left with white noise.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Bohemian wine
and transcendental betrayals
metaphysical sex
and spiritual orgasms

lucid conversations
and therapeutic analysis
psychedelic sleep
and material awakening

vivid sorrow
and blurry satisfaction
blurry pain
and vivid masochism

lost opportunities
and ungrasped chances
pelvic thrusts
and torrid humps

acidic tea
and pharmaceutical cigars
paralytic daydreams
and parasitic nightmares

corroding generations
and decomposed enlightenment
open showers
and naked jam sessions

weeping guitars
and beating hearts
breathing records
and sarcastic dead artists

dried up canals
and dead fish
bleeding robots
and ancient small talk

movie dates at old theatres
and French kisses on couches
sex on coarse carpets
and 'love' on cloudy skies

rainbow coloured balls
and flowering vines on the ceiling
blood shot eyes
and dancing sea turtles

roofs on fire
and people floating on lakes
inside out coffins
and teenage necrophytes

polluted orange skies
and lonely lonely stars
fading moonlight
and unwanted freedom

useless degrees
and nude graduation gowns
unkempt pubes
and soggy eye sockets

incomplete meals
and solemn hunger strikes
enemies from within
and liberators from outside

cardiovascular graveyards
and alveolus bunkers
toxic blood vessels
and pernicious neurons

unstructured poems
and desultory thoughts
out of beat songs
and very very erratic lives…


She was born
at the age of
and orange skies

Psychedelic pizzas
with double
toppings of lust and
thin crusts of love
with confusion
and tsunamis
of emotional

Twists and turns of
sex and love and
and attraction
with cluster bombs
of cluster fucks
given and taken

Her hair
left on my
and my condoms
left at her
while our
dissipated into
thin air

She was a
vivid blur of
a million
smudged together
on a dirty

A poem
while on

A story
with no
end nor middle

She was a
tangled on a faraway

She was a
half written
and performed
while drunk

She tried to
counsel the
and clear
the skies of

She was ambitious
and she was
with herself

She was an
and I loved the
mess she was

But she was
bigger than just
two people

She was a
and she wanted
to heal the world
of its

She let go
of her
worldly belongings,
her desires
and her

She left the
material world
in search of

where she is,
nobody knows.

People are
still prescribed
and the skies
are still

And I am left

Sunday, October 16, 2016


in a black and white
we assume
and predict the
colour of
everything we

We call some things
and call others

But what we
and for the most part
do not know
is that

some shade of

Saturday, October 15, 2016


I was the book
you started reading
loving every word in it
until you got bored
and tucked it away

And you are the book
that I loved for the cover
the first few chapters
yet still got bored
before that weird plot twist
made me tuck it away

Thursday, October 13, 2016

World's a dark dark theme park

World’s a dark dark theme park
and in search of joy
we jump from ride to ride

Some filled with excitement
and some with horror,
different forms of joy
filling the hearts forever

There are the scary clowns
with masks and scars across their faces
selling drugs to the children
and candy to the grown up folks

At the arcade inside the house of horror
people line up and bet their lives
on live mind games telecast wherever,
One person fucking up another
and then him another
and then her another
in circles for forever

Some people pass out
some faint, while some throw up
while on the roller coaster of emotions
where the rest achieves immeasurable pleasure

We go on those splashy boats
on rivers filled with tears;
tears created in masses
burning the cheeks on which they ride down

Fire rings and in a circus;
the weak has to jump through them
while the strong whip the weak
and the rest of us look upon
and laugh and eat buttery popcorn

A stage play where each
of us play a separate part,
another separate part and
another separate part
wearing different and different masks
in front of different and different crowds

Sculptures with red and feary eyes
burning, with smoke coming out of their nostrils
standing over the ashes of all our lungs
and the melting livers of our young

Wasting away precious time
playing ATMs as slot machines
and playing poker with credit cards

Giving roses to one another
but passing them to another behind their backs
only the bloody scratches remain on our hands,
those left from their sharp thorny stems

Dark dark chocolate
imported from foreign lands
fake smiles and handshakes
fake hugs and french kisses
fake orgasms and fake sex and fake love

And the stores selling pornos to kids
cocaine to the pregnant and
cigars to those with TB
making us buy whatever they want
whenever they want
for them to make a profit

But there is no us and them
for both are just the same
killing each other in the playground
playing for the same team
using one another just for personal gain

Feeling pity after killing someone
pity for the dead
and more so for our own murderous self
a pity that justifies the rides we were on;
those we rode on people's’ backs and tears
Fears dawning upon us from within
beers covering insecurities deep inside
cheers as we fall further and further to the ground
and tears when suppressed desires rip open the covers

Everyone stuck in their own little bubbles
trying to find outlets to keep insanity in check
popping pills by the day and by the hour
trying to manufacture happiness as
to feel is far too much to be asked of them

Us being them is the problem and them being us,
We do not care for them and care too much for us

Hot souls in bikinis slut shaming each other;
recycling our dumps and dumping the recycle bins in the sea,
making entertainment toxic and toxicity entertainment,
making hate and fear powerful, achieving power with hate,
climbing over the ladder and throwing it over the ledge,
because we think some are lower than others and aren’t even aware of that

We wait in line to enter the amusement park
but to leave is an entirely different issue
for nobody knows when their ticket expires

So ride and ride and ride to make yourself feel better

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Leopards and Flamingos

Leopards are pink
and flamingos
with their feary eyes
and monstrous teeth
chase them

And the leopards fly away...

Saturday, October 8, 2016


There were giants hiding behind the shadows
those of epic proportions
and you could only see their silhouettes
peeping through the background of fog

Giant eyes and giant limbs
soaking in the giant drizzle
staring at us through the darkness
feeding on our terrified hearts

We walked in fear
with them standing over us with nothing said or done
those eyes glowing through the white darkness
and those piercing glazes
lurking through the bright mist
pronouncing their claim over us

We were neither punished nor rewarded
they took nothing from us
nor did they ever give anything
and we lived everyday in this cold world
without knowing what it is that
we were afraid of....

Sunday, October 2, 2016

ඔබ කවක්

ඔබ කවක්
පදයක් දෙකක් මඟ හැරුණු

එළිසමක් නැති,
එක එක ගැලපෙන
නොගැලපෙන පද කෑලි
එකිනෙකට අමුණපු
මල් මාල පොටක්

විසිතුරු රම්‍ය පදවැල්
අතරින් පතර පැටලුණු
ගැඹුරුම තැනක ඇති
බැලු බැල්මට ම නොපෙනෙන
උපමා රූපකයක්

ඔබ ඔබ ම ලිවූ
සොඳුරු ම සොඳුරු
අඳුරු ම අඳුරු
නැවී රැළි වැටුණු
කවි පතක්

ඔබ කවක්
පදයක් දෙකක් මඟ හැරුණු

පදයක් දෙකක් මඟ හැලුණු