Friday, May 13, 2016

L'astral 2000 - #1

She looked like she was possessed or something,
the lady in the red dress.
She was dancing
the whole time with her eyes closed
her arms floating through the air
rhythmically random
as if they had control over her...
her dress had its own mind too
flowing all around
as the live music had stopped
and she was alone in the dance floor
after dancing through the first act

If the club were a canvas,
she was a smudge of bright red paint
turning the blue back lit background, purple

And until the live music started again
we, who danced intently to the live music,
were in the washroom, the bar,
the tables, the stairway,
outside smoking, drinking, getting intoxicated,
wishing we were
the lady in the red dress...

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