Thursday, December 24, 2015

winter chills

Winter chills were warm
warmer than there ever has been
tumbling those temperature records
that the weather channel mumbles every morning

winter chills were warm
and I did not wear my coat
the misty winds could not make me shiver
and my heart was burning on

winter chills were warm
and this winter is for the weak
and I am proudly one of those
for I could bear no more pain

winter chills were warm
and there was no snow on the ground, somewhere
in between a proper winter and an pleasant autumn,
with temperature too fluid, lost in indecision
(just like my mind)

winter chills were summoning,
those chills that were warm,
maybe they are from a place far far away
or maybe they are from the past
and I was expected to meet them there
at a paradise that’s not here and not now

winter chills are blinding,
deafening and numbing and harsh
for it makes me yearn
for a land and a time unlike my own
when I know for a fact
that the only reality there ever is, and has been

is with me right here right now.

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