Saturday, December 19, 2015


She definitely is
the personification of beauty
and all those poems
written in the history
of literature
in any and every language
describes some of her,
but nobody can ever
perfectly nail it down…

she is the molten
heart of the Earth
running through
the veins covered by
their barks, their skin
breathing life into
the core, the Heart

and she is a burning volcano
bursting in the air
in a million hues of
yellows and oranges and reds;
red hot and lethal...

she is a great wildfire
which no amount of
water can disperse
spreading further and further
turning vegetation into ashes…
beautiful destruction
consuming the Earth’s crust
with its vibrant flames

and she is the first snowfall
before winter begins;
hauntingly quiet,
yet inconceivably stunning
where the whole world
is in some sort of a void
by the lack of hustle and
by the abundance of beauty

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