Thursday, December 24, 2015


Orion was chilling
in the sky on Christmas eve
all by himself near the horizon
and even the moon was alone in
the opposite end of the cloudless sky

wonder if he's enjoying the solidarity
when he misses the mass
and the gift openings and the feasts
while no companion constellation
is to be seen anywhere in the
length and the width of the endless sky

wonder if he'd rather be at a party
drinking tequila, the drink of gods';
or smoking a joint to reach
a peaceful state of Samadhi
or snort some coke and
be super hype and sweat

maybe all he wants is to stay at home
- his home being the vast sky -
looking at the festive world below
in hope that he is the subject
of a poem of a random hopeless poet
sitting alone at home, staring
out of his window into the dark sky

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