Sunday, December 20, 2015

grey and orange

Trying to sleep
way past midnight
under the same sky
which roofed
everything on Earth
for as far as time goes

the same sky
under which
every single one of our
ancestors slept

no more cave drawings,
no drawings on papyrus,
and not even on paper anymore...
everything is on monitors;
every-line sketched is
as unreal as it seems

no need for language to evolve,
in terms of speech
for we do not need to talk
when a text or a chat
can do the job just as well

we have developed
so much so that
our blue skies are blue no more;
they have turned grey
and our black night sky
has turned orange

but shouldn't we be grateful
that we at least have a sky
under which we can fall asleep
in a few generations,
might only be a memory
of the past

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