Sunday, December 20, 2015

at 2:23 AM

at 2:23 AM
the night before a
9 AM exam,
I try to romanticize
my loneliness and
I fail
(probably much like
the exam I am
about to face)

there is no warmth
among those Greek letters and
those equations;
no company
in those random
lecture notes

solitude is
much favoured
when I get to spend
my free time with
no matter what time
of the day it may be,
but among these
numbers and concepts
is nothing but
overwhelming doses of

and I try to hide behind
a poem I try to pen
or any sort of writing
I try to write
- much like Hemingway or Wordsworth
or Bukowski or Poe -
but I ain't no poet,
and I succeed only
at fooling
my own mind

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