Friday, November 27, 2015

Words have gone on strike

Words have gone on strike
and a whole language gone havoc

the architect of the phrases,
sentences, paragraphs and stanzas
sweats day in and day out
trying to get the words back to work
for the whole future depends on his
success at this

they refuse to come
‘there is too much
injustice in the world’
they claim
‘your sweet words about
Love and Beauty
and uncharted corners
of the majestic universe blind
your eyes’

and they go silent
while the architect
tries to find them
in pubs and bars
and in bottles of whiskey,
under coasters
and occasionally in the
middle of a blunt
that he himself
poorly rolled

until one day in the mirror
he sees a world past himself
where people shoot each others'
brains out
and lovers backstab lovers
and protectors destroy
those who are being protected
and where
the rich goes richer while
the poor goes poorer
where empathy and remorse are dead

and he finds his words
volunteering in his construction site...
a language, again alive...
ink oozing from his pen
creating a future
not just for himself
but for the whole wide world

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