Wednesday, September 23, 2015

once upon a time

Once upon a time,
do you remember,
I loved you so dearly
and you loved me more...

do you remember
holding hands and walking
on the beach ,
our foot prints on the wet sand
for miles

do you remember
sitting by the sea rocks
and watching the sunset
and leaning on to my shoulder
and whispering
how much you loved me

and do you remember how
I stayed quiet all the time
and you cheered me up
and tried to get me
talking, and singing and dancing and all

and do you still remember
how you cried on my chest
my shirt soaked in your tears
and my arms around you
and I stroked your hair slowly
till you looked into
my eyes and

do you remember,
once upon a time,
you loved me so dearly
and I loved you less?

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