Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A moment

rooftop cigars
twenty stories high
downtown backdrop
glowing bright in the dark
orange white clouds
artificial radiance on the night sky
tobacco smelling shirt
the highway in the distance
the hills
almost invisible further away
cold autumn wind

if the whole life is one moment
what more could I ask?


Drowning in the great wide ocean
She's got a long way to reach the bottom
Bubbles of air coming out of her face
Each taking longer to meet the air than the last

She drowns in the vast salty water
Disappearing in the bluish darkness
With the only light near the surface
Her image fades away each second passing

She struggles no more
Like she did when she tried to keep me alive
She probably knows my fate already
As she slowly reaches the bottom
As calmly as I've ever seen her

Maybe I should've tried to save her
But that's as hopeless as it can ever get
Since I could only observe all this
Laying on the surface having
Reached the bottom myself

Monday, September 28, 2015

blood moon

You didn't need
a sun
to shine bright
you, yourself
were lit
brighter than the sun
lighting up
the darkest corners
of the

you were the bright spot
on the dark
canvas of
night sky
a perfect shape
in an imperfect

under the shadow
of the Earth
you were bloodshot
in its most beautiful form
unlike anything
ever seen before
fierce, warm
rare, unique

and most people
got it wrong
and were looking in
the wrong direction

you are
the beautiful
prehistoric metaphor

the real blood moon
was right here on the
sitting on the grass
with me
looking at the wrong

Friday, September 25, 2015

I guess

I guess
for you
is not
as vast as

I love you
the best 
I can
my whole 

I guess
for me
does not

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

once upon a time

Once upon a time,
do you remember,
I loved you so dearly
and you loved me more...

do you remember
holding hands and walking
on the beach ,
our foot prints on the wet sand
for miles

do you remember
sitting by the sea rocks
and watching the sunset
and leaning on to my shoulder
and whispering
how much you loved me

and do you remember how
I stayed quiet all the time
and you cheered me up
and tried to get me
talking, and singing and dancing and all

and do you still remember
how you cried on my chest
my shirt soaked in your tears
and my arms around you
and I stroked your hair slowly
till you looked into
my eyes and

do you remember,
once upon a time,
you loved me so dearly
and I loved you less?

I'll sell your sorrow

I'll sell your sorrow for profit
and share your share with you
and therefore cry
stay on my shoulder for hours
as long as it takes
and pour out the torn
broken pieces of your heart
through those pretty eyes
for me to pick up and
fill my pens to use as ink
on those vast blank spaces of
empty white corners of my heart
and sell it to the public
to fill my pockets with pennies

and I will share your share
with you
for it's the only consolation
I can give
for my heart doesn't melt
like it once did for you
but I sure will listen
and write about you
for that is all I know how to
and hopefully there shall be
someone somewhere
whose heart will melt
for your warm tears.
for you.


You won't understand my loneliness
when you are with me
and you can't mend a broken heart
when you don't know where it's broken,
how it's broken or by who...

You won't understand my sorrow
when you see me smile
with you just like with everyone else
to cover up the frozen tears
on the edges of my eyes, the
drenched eyelids

You won't feel me and my heart
when you are with me
just like I won't feel you when you are away
and I hope that at least you
will somehow understand my loneliness
when you are away...

But please don't leave
for I won't understand anything
about the universe, you and me
for you are all I got...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

නූපන් උඹට...

චේ වේවා
හිට්ලර් වේවා
ගාන්ධි වේවා
ඉඩි අමීන් වේවා

මාර්ටින් ලූතර් කිං වේවා
මාර්ටින් වික්‍රමසිංහ වේවා

මැන්ඩෙලා, ටෝල්ස්ටෝයි
සියැට්ල්, බීතෝවන්, පිකාසෝ
මහින්ද, ප්‍රභාකරන්

ඔය කවුරු හරි
උඹ වගේ
පැන්සල් තුඩක

Monday, September 7, 2015

On My Way to the Holy Water Fountain

must be
the reason
we needed
must be
a goddess
and those bare
on which my
hands lay,
a temple

past midnight
on the dance floor...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

although I've
dreamt and written
about those
hypnotic eyes of
why are the possibilities
of them ever being
so frightening

the possibility
of my grayscale
being filled with colour
the possibility
of my lonely nights
being filled with
the possibility
of my soul's
and ultimate devotion
to the shrine
of your

and the possibility
of it being
the end of your
with your wings
and the little hummingbird
who roamed the
to enjoy the beauty of it

no longer