Monday, August 24, 2015

If I could write like you

If I could write like you,
I would write about
your beautiful misty eyes
those that speak to me
when our voices
stay quiet
I would write about
how your smile
comes over to me
and holds my heart
and makes it skip
a beat
I would write about
all those nights when
you would roam around
in the loneliest
and the coldest and darkest
parts of my dreams
and lightens my
I would write about
nights of letters
chats and calls
and long hours
spent conversing
everything from
the Earth
to the end of the

But I can't write
like you can
and this pen
and this piece of paper
would testify to that..

And I'm glad I can't
for now I have
the time
and the mental space
to love you

Not caged in
press boxes
not enslaved by
those wanting
that autograph
on their personal copy
of whatever I would

I would have
the time
to take care of you,
to show you
your worth that
they can't show
and you don't have the time to

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