Thursday, August 20, 2015


The beginning
of my sweet fairytale
was a cry,
a cry that brought
life into the world
and tears of joy
onto my eyes..
Those small legs,
tiny palms
and soft soft skin

The title of
my sweet fairy tale
for she possessed
beautiful beautiful eyes
more valuable than
more valuable than
my own life

Each page
of my sweet fairytale
filled with joy
like the day she
smiled, the day
she walked first
and like 
the day she first 
said papa

The ending
of my sweet little
dear fairytale
without warning..
without resolution..
one moment, flowing like a river
and the next, empty: a void

Why wasn't it my flesh
that tore apart
for my heart is shattered...
shattered into dust

God must've made a mistake..
that last period was
on the wrong

*Nethra is a beautiful word for eyes in Sinhalese. (could be a girl's name as well)

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