Thursday, July 16, 2015

If you are to take one step from me

If you are to take
one step from me
take a thousand,
for it will be
the end of my universe
the moment
you turn away from me...

I would float
through the galaxies
the nebulas
the distant constellations
within your eyes...
and dissolve
into the dust;
be a part of your soul...

Are you an oasis
or just a mirage
within the desert of my heart?
For you
are the one coloured scene
in my film,
black and white...

So please don't my dear;
don't look away from me,
as it would
make my heart explode...
and leave me
floating in a pitch black vacuum...

But if you are,
by any chance,
to take one step away from me,
take a thousand...

And don't look back;
Back at my slow death...

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