Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From the Sea to the River

Dearest River,

I am writing this letter to convey my condolences on your loss. As much as I grieve, I am shaken by the fact that you let them through you far enough to stick the point of their dagger into the heart of yours, the spring. Though, as an old warrior, you stand tall and proud, I have seen many a river disappear into thin air once the spring was hurt. Therefore, with all my heart I hope you take necessary precautions in safeguarding your future and through that my future as well.

Throughout your past you have been so preoccupied with your aesthetic beauty that you forgot they posed serious enough threats to your existence. With so much beauty and with so much youth at heart, I loved the way you carried yourself on, yet it could have been noted when on numerous occasions I called for life to be taken more earnestly. As vast as I am, I have had my share of bloodshed and as you know, each time I have answered them with vengeance and have made them tremble.

I am in support of the few floods and landslides you caused over the past few months for it showed you matured enough to conduct yourself in a timely manner. This sort of griefs are bound to happen when you are onto a cause and if you haven’t noticed how difficult it might be, look at myself and how I managed to handle them. Water, the very essence of life, is of great power and you and I have control over it to do what we so desire. When they think they put us on our knees, we need to strike upon them.

You have been my brother since the beginning of time and I would want you to know that you have my full support in whatever you decide to do in a situation like this and would love to show them the strength we have as I believe it is very timely and necessary. As your water is of significant value to me, my company must prove of value for you as well. Therefore, I lend you my prowess to rebuild your defenses and to reassess your approach to offense.

Time is short and if we do not show how strong we are, that is a victory for them. I gravely empathize with your loss and would like to remind you that I will always be there for you.

Thank you,

Yours Faithfully,

The Sea.

(Author's Note - This is a response to a tragic event that happened in my city and does not necessarily carry my views on the event)

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