Thursday, September 18, 2014

She Walked Away...

      She walked away. May be for the last time, but certainly for the first time. It was neither happy nor sad. It was neither poetic nor normal. There were no tears shed, no cries, no repents. There were no emotion felt, but the heart was overflowing. Not just her heart; his heart as well.      

      He could have stopped her if he wished. But all he did was just stand there. He didn't bother saying goodbye; less so in giving a warm hug. He did not know what the future held for him. But he knew his present. And that is all that mattered.       

      It was sunny and beautiful as if the weather tried to pretend as if it did not care. But that is exactly what it did: care. Even the weather couldn't decide what emotion to feel or what is being felt by everyone around him. Wind couldn't carry fragrance nor odour, foul. Flowers bloomed, but in swamps. Birds flew. They just flew, for there was no purpose nor reason.       

      He hoped she'd look back. But she just walked off while he looked on. The path was straight. Every piece of gravel knew the weight of each of her steps. The path didn't know whether to lead her on or to block her way. She hoped he'd call her up.      

       Trees leaned on. They gave shelter; not just to her, but to him as well. That is all they could do. Warmth touched their skins through the cloak of coolness the trees gave them. Everything moved slow. The world was full of confusion. All it could do was exactly what he was doing. Looking on until she disappears into the horizon by the setting sun.

-Written during an extremely boring programming class :P

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