Saturday, June 21, 2014

After a flower was burnt..

No it wasn’t my wish
To set fire to the flower
I know apologies don’t matter
When it was I who threw the match out..

Guilt may eat me in and out
But never will I be justified
For what I've done, for what I've become.
I will try to convince you
That the match was burning my hand my dear
But it was I who threw the match out..
Forgive me not,
For I know what I’ve done
Burn me not,
For I am already being burnt..

Juggling is child’s play
But juggling with fire,
May have two thoughts behind..
The train may not turn, but I will always look back.
What’s gone is now gone
And I do not want your trust anymore
For you and I both know
That trust should not be kept with me..

For once I am sorry
But I know that these words
Do not justify myself..
It was I who threw the match out...