Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just for the sake of publishing something......

Time had stopped. The world was stagnant. Noise, none; nor was odour. There was no warmth in the air; only lifeless cold. Atmosphere was dark, with an occasional light filling in. The road, wide and paved, with tall pine trees either side led long. Lifeless buildings and cars, empty were standing everywhere, motionless. The little snow left on the ground let no green be seen. The almost full moon peaked from the dark clouds which lay still. Nothing moved. Time had stopped.

The air was filled with confusion. The confusion had no reason or purpose; no cause nor mean. I took one step on the empty sidewalk. A cold breeze kissed my cheeks and passed through my arms giving me cold shivers. A street light flickered in the distance to control the non-existent vehicles. I took another slow step. The weight of my thoughts were pulling me. I took one more step. I decided to walk, even if it meant I break my already weak back. The breeze flew across my face. Every particle of air had confusion written on it. But time had ceased to be stopped.

I had been walking; for how long though, I wasn't sure. There was nothing ahead, nothing to be seen. The leaves of the pine trees had started moving, slowly but steadily. I could hear the sound of it. The air only got colder with every step I took. I owned the whole road. Yet I walked on the sidewalk. The sidewalk on which I passed a billion dead leaves. The sidewalk on which I passed a million cigarette butts. The sidewalk on which I passed a hundred piles of snow. The sidewalk on which I passed a couple of used condoms. The sidewalk that I passed everysingle day. But something was different. It was confusing. May be the confusion was never in the air. May be it was in me.

I owned the road. At least I thought so, till a human figure in a hoodie appeared. He was in the middle of the road. Did he claim my road? Was it too late for me to get to the middle of the road? Did I own nothing? Does he own the sidewalk as well? Do either of us own anything? He came towards me and and I went towards him. We crossed paths. He continued in the middle of the road and I, on the sidewalk.

Done writing. Can't write anymore today. Don't think I will ever come back and continue this anyway. So I'll just publish..