Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love in the Cimmerian Shade

Let the clock strike one
And let the hour of death pass away;
And dawned, will be the hour of ours
Once the pale sickness has faded,
But yet in the darkness, yes in the darkness

Let the moon be covered in the clouds
For there is no bigger intruder than moon herself,
When no words of love may be said
But carved deep in our hearts,
In the rhyming screams of silence.

Even maiden Earth may look away,
When she herself can bear no more;
And let not the sweet dew touch upon your lips
For an illusion it may be, despite the sweetness
When, against us, the whole world conspires

Let the ghost of love haunt us;
Strangle us, make us blind, may do whatever pleases
But bind us with an eternal thread
For even when the worlds fall, we'll hold on
And none but The Lord may take us; No not even he..

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