Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ay I feared it, I feared it

Ay I feared it, I feared it
The confrontation of an over-glorified past
With a non-existent future..
Why glorify tears fucking shed?
Why, the fucked up memories
And past experiences long gone?
What in them builds us up
But drag us down to the Earth
And fucking destroy us there

Why so depressing? Don’t ask me
Ask the fucking universe
For we don’t write poems
But the universe does.
Let all the bullcrap positive energy
Clot together and strike my heart and melt it
For I don’t fucking need one anymore

Life is a fucked up piece of shit
And trust me, we all are molecules of it
We stink when we rise, and yet
Still stink when we fall and lose.
And if life was a ball of wool
There would be no fucking lose ends
But tied ends wherever you look

I did not lose, nor fucking won
For glory is an illusion, and so is loss
We die and die with our own biases
To create our own fucking reality
Which has absolutely no credibility
In another fucking eye

Future is a painting we draw
Where some of us are better painters
While some of us just fucking suck
Planning is a fucking distraction
And oh!
The false sense of accomplishment it gives

I tried to find the present, but failed
For it was the only thing
That looked as if it had meaning.
Days and days between glorified tears
And roaming through an unfinished painting
I finally realized
That even if it did have meaning
It still means nothing to me.


  1. great work! have something to think on machanz :)

  2. yeah.truely have to think.coz i cant exactly get da meaning at once sometimes.so have to think.but gala!.

  3. exact meaning eka kiyawana kenata sapekshai... hithanna thiyenam hithahan :)


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